Are essential oils magic?
There has been so much talk about essential oils lately – both positive and negative. Often when people get amazing results using oils when nothing else seemed to help, they enthusiastically share their new-found success and joy with everyone they meet. Their friends may or may not get excited. Maybe they also experience some life-changing success. Or maybe not.

Why do oils seem to work like magic and other times they don’t? My view is that essential oils are not magic. Yes, they are powerful. They are highly concentrated and an outstanding tool when used as part of a healthy lifestyle. 
We should never expect instant success if we are sending mixed messages to our bodies on a continual basis.
Carla Golden sums it up very well…
It is common to hope & wish for therapeutic essential oils to fix, balance, or stabilize our bodies. Sometimes we view essential oils as magic potions that will override our other habits. But no essential oil is going to work to its full capacity in an acidic medium. The more we can create alkaline bodies, the more powerfully the oils will work.
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