Reisa's Favorites

Reisa's Favorites
As night falls and the house settles, the evening routine comes to a close with each child cuddled up with their favorite stuffy. I prepare for bed after a night out. Conversations with my husband wrap up our day, and I reach for a couple of my favorites before retiring for the night.
The tranquility of the night is broken by a cough in my son’s bedroom. After soothing him, I return to sleep with the assurance of his improved breathing. Morning arrives, finding him well-rested and symptom-free, holding his comforting hedgehog.
Starting the new day, I feel rejuvenated, aided by some of my favorite YL products, and the promise of a healthier day.

Cleaning with Thieves

Cleaning with Thieves
Once upon a time, I used a lot of chemicals in my home and personal care products. One of my mainstays was bleach. Living in the country in a humid climate, we always had that musty odor you get in the basement, and it would permeate our home. I also used to use bleach to brighten our clothes in the wash.

Eventually, I learned that bleach is very unhealthy for the lungs and for the thyroid. Oh my! A light bulb went on in my head! 

Two health challenges I was battling involved my lungs and my thyroid. So, I decided to do some more research.
Fortunately, I had a lot of friends who also were interested in natural and healthy lifestyle choices. They told me how to get in the habit of reading labels. They also told me about the Environmental Working Group website where you can look up ingredients. I was horrified at the amount of toxins I was allowing in our home and bodies.

I started to learn about bottle swapping. Gradually, when a toxic cleaning product I had been using became empty, I would replace it with a “clean” product. Over time, I eliminated and replaced so many products that I ended up with more room in my cupboards. The reason was that I discovered a whole line of products made by Young Living Essential Oils. All the products are based on the Thieves blend, which is a whole different story. I have an entire class about Thieves so you can read up a bit more as you have time. Here's the link to that class: 
Thieves Class

But let me get back to the story! 

The first product I discovered to help my cleaning dilemma was Thieves Household Cleaner. Words can’t describe my delight at how well it worked and how inexpensive it was. Now, I use it for everything! Floors, dusting, counters, kitchen, bathroom, mirrors and windows, and even tough jobs like getting spots out of clothes, and cleaning the house siding, carpets, cars, and more. Check out this cost comparison to see how cost effective it is to clean safely and effectively!

Over time, I discovered the Thieves Laundry Soap, Dish soap, Hand Soap, Thieves Scrub and many other products in the Thieves line. I get rather passionate about the difference the Thieves products have made in my life. My house smells amazing and my lungs and thyroid are so much happier now that I have eliminated all those toxic chemicals from our home!

If you want to learn more about these products, check out this link  Shop Thieves Bundle.
Happy cleaning!
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