Dealing with the stress of moving

Dealing with the stress of moving
This summer I moved. I sold my large homestead where I had lived for 38 years. After my husband died three years ago, I became aware that I no longer could maintain the large property all on my own. On short notice an opportunity for me to move into a much smaller apartment in a senior community became available. I had to prepare to sell my home and downsize in a major way.
It was a gigantic task and I am so grateful for help I received from friends, family and neighbors. But the reality is there was a. lot of stress associated with the move. Many long hours of hard work that my body was not used to doing.
Here are some ways I found to cope with the aches and pains and stresses of moving:
Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream: Applied at bedtime in the areas of my body that had been pushed to the limit during the day.
CBD Joint and Muscle Rub: Layered over those joints and muscles that were screaming the loudest for some TLC.
Peace & Calming Essential oil: Diffused in the bedroom to help me relax and fall asleep faster, plus a few drops applied to the bottoms of my feet and temples for a little extra calming as needed.
Stress Away Roll-on: applied topically during the stressful moments during the day as needed.
Sleep Essence Capsules: Take according to directions on the bottle on those occasions when I needed to soothe my mind from the worries of the day and get a better rest.
What are the tools in your toolbox for handling extra stress when those occasions occur?

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