Beauty Beneath the Surface
Every woman wants to look good. NO. Every woman wants to look AMAZING!

We pour money into products to cover up our flaws and accent our best qualities. We long to gaze in the mirror and have it answer back that we are the fairest of them all. Well, let me share a couple of secrets with you.

First, beauty is not skin deep. It starts inside our bodies. What we put IN our bodies will ultimately determine the glow on our skin. I always tell people that if you are having challenges on the surface of your skin, you should probably take a look under the hood. Talk to your healthcare professional about what might be the root cause of your problems. Keep feeding your body healthy food. Get moving (exercise, UGH!). 

NEXT, Clean up your environment. And eliminate as many harmful ingredients from your home and personal care regimen as possible.

THEN you are ready to add healthy options for skin care. Would you love to have glowing skin? Well, check out this list of some amazing essential oils that are simple to use and produce amazing results. 

Here is a very short list
  • Lavender (cleanse)
  • Geranium (hydrate)
  • Frankincense (smooth fine lines)
  • Sandalwood (balance)
  • Myrrh (just plain good!)
Here is the trick. You are going to want to identify what type of skin you have. Then, pick a few essential oils that address your particular needs. Once your skin is less challenged by the toxins in your environment and diet, you’ll discover you have fewer flaws to cover. You’ll find you need less makeup on most days! You’ll have a natural glow and beauty you don’t feel a need to cover up! 

Next combine just one drop of two or three of the oils you selected with an organic oil like jojoba or coconut oil (say 50/50) and gently massage them onto your face each night at bedtime. You will be amazed at the results. Reach out to me for a free personal consultation.

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