Solving the Health Puzzle
Are you ready for some much needed self-care? Let’s focus on women’s health and beauty. 
To give you some background on why this topic is dear to my heart, let me tell you a little about myself and what led me to the place I am at today.
All my life I have wrestled with numerous health challenges. I have consulted with health professionals of all types. Sometimes I would be helped, but mostly I would actually experience major problems, some created by the treatments or medications I was receiving. Yet deep inside I held tight to the belief that there were answers someplace out there and so I continued to study and learn.
One bit of information would lead to another. As time passed, I came to believe that natural health held keys that I was looking for. And so for over 40 years I studied natural remedies and treatment methods. I learned about herbs. I learned about food. I learned about how the body is designed to function, and things that create problems for us in this journey.
I observed how I felt when I ate certain things or used certain products, and started to clean up my lifestyle. Eventually I could identify patterns and make changes that started to impact my body in positive ways. I am constantly learning new things and my journey continues.
No, I am not somebody special. I am just like you. I want to be healthy and happy and feel good about myself. Yes, I fall off the wagon many times. But I have discovered that there are lots of people just like us; people who feel there is a better way and are looking for answers. I have made many friends along the way. Will you be one of those friends and join me as we explore women’s health and how it relates to skin care?
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I hope the information will help you find some pieces to this wellness puzzle that will help you!


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